iDISCOVER: 11 Years As the Best-Kept Secret in the eDiscovery Industry

iDISCOVER: 11 Years As the Best-Kept Secret in the eDiscovery Industry

You may not have heard of iDISCOVER by name, but if you work in eDiscovery, chances are you’ve used our products. We’ve enjoyed our low profile for over a decade; it’s enabled us to focus on creating the best software and systems possible to meet the needs of our diverse and exciting clientele.

Eleven years ago, we started our company to provide data processing and hosting services for law firms and corporations from our data center based in Phoenix, Arizona. From that humble beginning, we rapidly expanded our services to meet an industry need for cutting-edge discovery technology and end-to-end eDiscovery services. Today, we are a global leader in eDiscovery software and services, handling litigation, investigations, and mergers and acquisitions for AmLaw 100 firms, Fortune 500 companies, boutique law offices, and government entities.

Over all of this time, we’ve focused on growing strategically, namely through the development and unwavering improvement of our flagship offering: best-of-breed processing software.

In 2010, we developed Invariant, a proprietary processing technology. Even back then, we were already well-recognized as the industry leader in eDiscovery processing. Many of our industry competitors even asked us to process their data for them, given the speed and quality of our platform.

kCura had previously developed Relativity. While it became the premier review platform in the industry, it was quickly discovered that kCura would need to improve many of the underlying systems to meet its clients’ needs. kCura initially looked at acquiring Invariant’s tiffing engine only, but after testing Invariant as a whole, Invariant was acquired by kCura and remains an integral part of Relativity to this day.

Meanwhile, in 2011, iDISCOVER was acquired by the holding company that owns Nationwide Legal, America’s largest legal support and attorney services provider. In addition to expanding our services to New York City and San Francisco, our partnership with Nationwide Legal deepened our capacity to provide comprehensive, top-notch litigation support to our clients. Our new owners blended three companies together: iDISCOVER, which was based in Phoenix at the time; Mercury IQ, an East Coast eDiscovery provider based in New York; and ABC Legal, a reprographics group from Los Angeles.

That consolidation helped us double down on our strength: creating brilliantly efficient eDiscovery software. Today, we have partnered with Now Discovery to offer our newest processing engine, Lumix. Lumix is the fastest processing engine currently available on the market, capable of crunching terabytes of data in a fraction of the time it would take using a different product. We have an exclusive partnership to use and license this advanced processing technology on behalf of our clients.

And our technology isn’t just getting faster all the time—it’s also growing in breadth. We sit on the Lumix steering committee, allowing us to directly funnel customer feedback to the software developers and stakeholders to influence how the engine continues to evolve. For example, over the last few years, we have added functionality that enables Lumix to process tens of thousands of unusual file types that other platforms cannot work with. Our partnership allows us to provide better service to our clients by being proactive with ever-changing technology.

In short, unlike other products on the market that are limited to their one-size-fits-all in-box functionality, Lumix has the built-in flexibility required to adapt to changing client needs. We are constantly adding new file type handlers, user controls, and enhanced workflow improvements to keep us at the forefront of our industry.

As a result, we remain the best-kept secret in the eDiscovery industry. Corporate clients, government agencies, and law firms continue to turn to iDISCOVER for their most complex and pressing eDiscovery challenges, as do many other eDiscovery vendors who simply cannot match our services or our processing speeds. To get in on the secret and learn more about how we can help you accelerate eDiscovery, please contact  us.

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