Having the highest data security is not optional. A lack of security poses too many threats, not just to your case but to your credibility and reputation. That’s why we’re constantly investing in building the most secure eDiscovery service. Below are some of the important things we do to ensure your data is always protected.

Secure data transfers

For all data transfers within the office, we developed our own technology in order to ensure security. It’s called Velocity and it secures data using the standard for global financial institutions (256 bit encryption) because why should you have anything less?

We also support FTP, SFTP and FTPS encrypted data transfers.

Secure servers

Our servers are stored in Tier 1 data facilities that maintain 24/7/365 security and access. Entry is obtained through multi-factor authentication that includes card access, access code entry, biometric scanning and physical ID checks. The facilities have fully documented data recovery plans that are continuously tested and updated.

Secure globally

Wherever your data is located, know that it is in a certified secure facility. Our US facility is SAS70 Type II certified and SAE-16. Our European facility is ISO27001:2005 certified.

Secure applications

Even the applications we provide for your use have been rigorously tested for security. They have multi-factor authentication features and can be set to limit connections by person, company or region.