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A complete view of your data

Get your project off the ground faster and with fewer mistakes with Lumix.

With less stress and fewer restrictions, you can see a complete view of your data, have a better understanding and move more quickly. IDISCOVER has a long history of developing technology that sets industry standards and has become widely used by corporations, their outside counsel and service providers (we built the processing engine that Relativity relies on). But only our clients have access to the latest advances. Lumix has been created in an exclusive partnership with Now Discovery to bring you a state-of-the-art service.

Discover the truth and act on it.

Simplify, organize and better understand your data with Relativity

Simplify and speed up your eDiscovery with multiple powerful and easy-to-use tools in a single platform. iDiscover partners with Relativity in order to give you access to the best review and analytics technology on the market. Relativity has proven itself in cases time and time again and has been approved by courts across the globe. The processing engine for Relativity was originally built by iDiscover. It’s turned this piece of technology into the industry standard, with law firms and service providers relying on it, while we continue to make new advances.


Move files around painlessly

Partnering with Velocity File Transfer so you can get your data to and from us without the stress.

Avoid the pain of slow file transfers. With iDiscover, you get access to Velocity so all your data can get to and from the iDiscover data centers without delay. Plus, Velocity keeps your information safe and secure giving you one less thing to worry about.