Choosing the Right eDiscovery Software

Choosing the Right eDiscovery Software

Are you using the right eDiscovery platform for your business? If you’re doing any part of your eDiscovery in-house—or if you’re tired of paying too much to have outside counsel or a vendor do it for you—you want to make sure that you’re using software that gives you the most bang for your buck. Today’s top-of-the-line solutions can help you save time and money while giving you better, more reliable, and trustworthy results.

Start by asking other eDiscovery professionals what they’re using and how happy they are with their service. Or look at a business software search engine like Capterra to see what platforms suit your needs and what real-world users have to say about them. Assess your own needs realistically. Are you required to collect discoverable information frequently or intermittently? Will you do all the stages of eDiscovery in house, calling for a wraparound solution, or do you prefer to send part of your process outside? How tech-savvy are you and the majority of data custodians in your workplace?

Once you know what your priorities are, look for the following time-saving features in an eDiscovery platform.

Blazing Processing Speed

In today’s business world, businesses are producing more data than ever, in more different file types and stored in more diverse locations than ever before. Given the volume of data that most companies must handle, and the iterative nature of eDiscovery itself, you need a platform that can process information fast. The quicker you can process, the less time you’ll spend waiting, the faster you can respond, and the lower your overall eDiscovery costs will be.

An Integrated Wraparound Solution

Rather than separate solutions for each stage of the eDiscovery pipeline, look for a platform that can handle everything you might need to do, from managing litigation holds and collecting documents to processing searches and generating reports and documents for production. The more time you spend switching between programs or transferring data between platforms, the longer your eDiscovery will take.

Right-Size Scalability

Unless every discovery request you receive is identical, you’ll want to be able to adapt your eDiscovery platform to the size and nature of each specific matter. Look for software that is fully scalable and flexible enough to manage any size project. Don’t waste time transitioning back and forth between different services depending on the data set.

Immediate Usability

If no one is using your eDiscovery platform because no one can figure it out or remember how to use it from one dispute to the next, it’s worse than a waste of company resources: it’s a liability. Similarly, the longer it takes you and everyone else at the company to get up to speed on using an eDiscovery platform, the longer it takes to respond to requests and the greater the risk that data will be lost or not produced. Assess your tech mastery honestly, and then be sure any software you choose is intuitive and user friendly. Don’t waste time figuring out how to do eDiscovery—select solutions that will let you start doing it right away.

Outstanding Customer Support

Even the most accessible platform will sometimes stump its users! Make sure that whatever service provider you work with prioritizes customer service. Look for support that’s there when you need it, without delays or hoops to jump through. Survey your staff to see how most would prefer to access customer support—over the phone? In an online chat? Align your preferred methods with the strengths of the company you work with to avoid delays and help you get started—or get unstuck—as quickly as possible. Also ask whether the platform is regularly upgraded and whether the developer is open to feedback and will add functionality based on user requests.

Tired of looking for the right eDiscovery solution? We can help you meet your eDiscovery needs—please contact us today.

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